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Latino F. E. R. Jogos

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Latino F.E.R. offers a point of view, a look from the warm, soothing colors of Tuscany, overlooking the colorful shores of South America.
The ferry that takes us on this journey is the music, with the warm tones of the guitar and introspective, the visceral sound of the bass and light percussion offers an intriguing listen loaded with crisp phrasing, but also calm melodies.
The style of the classic trio of world music and Latin jazz. The soul is that instead of music and the Mediterranean can be seen from both arrangements, both from the original song Chorus Toscano. The repertoire is still the traditional folk music of Argentina and Brazil, however, interpreted by the imagination of the group of three minds, united by a sincere friendship and a strong love for this music started playing a project that takes the form of their first album called precisely "Jogos".
Fabrizio Bai.

Lamentos do morro (Garoto)
Expresso 2222 (G.Gil)
Vò Alfredo (Guinga)
Sons de carrilhões (J.Pernambuco)
Verano Porteño (A.Piazzolla)
Tristeza (H.Lobo Niltinho)
Odeon (E.Nazareth)
Choro Toscano (F.Bai)
Samba Triste (B.Powell B.Blanco)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (J.Kern)

Fabrizio Bai - Classic Guitar and Vocal
Emanuele Pellegrini - Percussion
Raffaele Toninelli - Elettric Bass


Fondazione Siena Jazz

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