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Romano Pratesi VISIONS

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Romano Pratesi
sax tenore, clarinetto basso
1 Visions (4:04)
2 Une Clarinette Basse à la Cave (6:38)
3 Live in Badia (5:19)
4 Le Frigo (6:20)
5 Vents de Musique (8:41)
6 Voyage de Nuit (5:42)
7 Aria (3:50)
Bonus Video: Meditando (4:21)

Visions is a "Diary" travel music that I have lived for a year now.
After several experiences with musicians from different musical cultures, was born in me the need to work on a project in complete solitude.
I found myself so I manage my world full of musical styles, often diametrically opposed to each other, such as jazz and rock, blues and avant-garde, funky and free improvisation, free jazz and ballad.
How to give shape to my music synthesis?
I have chosen the path of improvisation free.
Were born as the compositions of Visions, a series of improvised songs completely without any type of musical arrangement or default.
All tracks are made at the moment when born, free to leave the inspiration and musical imagination.
My "Visions" born in part from my concerts in Paris as "The Fridge", "Vents de Musique", "Voyage de Nuit."
The rest of the songs were born in the beautiful environment of "Badia a Coltibuono" to Gaiole in Chianti (Siena).
Mouvendomi with my trusty sound engineer, and manufacturer of CD, Vincenzo Vanni, we recorded all the interesting corners of the Abbey: The Courtyard, the Church to go to the basement!
All this took the form of the songs: "Visions", "Une Clarinettes Basse à la Cave," "Aria" and "Live in Badia.
With this experience, I was able to deepen my sound research, interact with environments very exciting for me.
A search on the sound that I seem endless.

Romano Pratesi

“Visions”, “Une Clarinette basse à la cave” e “Live in Badia”
recorded the 9-10-11 luglio 2005 at the church, the courtyard and cellar Badia Coltibuono (Gaiole in Chianti Siena).
“Vents de musique”, “Le frigo”, “Voyage de Nuit” e “Aria” recorded the 25 January end the 1 February 2006 at the digital studio Carrozze Records.

Romano Pratesi ply Selmer: tenor sax e clarinett bass.
Drawings Andrea Chiantini tel.:(0039) 339.85.86.424.
Photo Alessandro Botticelli,tel.:(0039) 338.37.46.815 email: botticellialessandro@tiscali.it
Soun eginer Vincenzo Vanni.
Mixing Studio Le Carrozze Records.

Thanks for your cooperation: Daniele Ciampi, Giuseppe Stasi, Silvia Furlan, Lorenzo Venturi, Eugenio Pratelli, Associazione Amici della Musica di Ponsacco, Carlo Maramai, Patrizio Machetti, Leonardo Venturini, Luca Benelli, Matteo De Benedectis, Patrizia Martinelli, Federico Benedetti, Andrea Chiantini, Alessandro Botticelli, Paolo Stucchi.

This CD was produced by Vincenzo Vanni e Romano Pratesi, with the help of:
www.wizards.to, segreteria@soc-strategie.it, www.selmer.fr, www.amusp.it,
www.venturiniabbigliamento.it, www.bargrazia.it, Totem Hairstile tel.: 0577.52219.

Romano Pratesi:
Siena:(0039) 0577.74.09.00
cell.: (0039) 329.104.30.30
Paris port.: (0033)

Le Carrozze Records:
cel.: (0039) 328.29.37.696

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