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sweet sleepy songs

The studio

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sido gabrielle, voce

accompained by Madre Natura

sound, Vincenzo Vanni

1) Daffydd y Gareg Wen
2) Shule Aroon
3) Monday, Tuesday
4) Llwyn on
5) The Mountains of Mourne
6) Plaisir d'amour
7) Hush, Little Baby
8) Connemara Cradle Song
9) October Winds
10) Bendemeer's Stream
11) My Young Love
12) Suo Gan
13) Wiegenlied
14) Ar Hyd Y Nos

These are the songs that my mother sang me to sleep with from the time I was a baby. The moment I heard her low rich voice, all hunger, lonliness, fuss and fear melted into the darkening air, and the notes carried me Home, to my real self, at last, and thence to sleep
Listening to those songs unconciously and naturally developed my ear also for music, languages, rythym, and natural meditation states, and gave me the life long habit of coming back to balance at the end of the day.
This recording was created to gently bring its listeners, from fussy baby to nerve taut adult, Home,to sweet rest. Drawing from five languages, accompanied by soothing sounds from Nature, let it cradle you in the simple profound notes that brought me to my own light when I was a child, there to dream into the world.

Sido Gabrielle is known for a her rich, pure sound and beautifully sensitive and sensual interpretations of Traditional Celtic and English Music, which she approaches with an utter simplicity that is rare to find in any repertoire.

Coming soon, her new album with the wonderful percussionist, Ettoré Bonafé. Songbeats; Western winds on the heart's seas..

This is an old Breton song, "An hini a garan" ("I will love my love all day and all night"), in one of the poetic older versions, of which there many.

My Young Love
Hush, Little Baby
Suo Gan

13,00 Euro

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