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The principle of my search in this CD "Water" is founded on the therapeutic action of the sound, more just considered in its height, in its registry, stamp (harmonic), melodia, harmony, orchestrazione, rhythm. But above all I have tried with the aid of Dr. Cracolici (School of Traditional Acupuncture of the City of Florence) to associate it to other therapeutic instruments, like the acupuncture and the five movements of the Chinese medicine.

Other characteristic of the musical composition and production of this CD Water and of the others that will come is to join my experience of musician with that one of teacher of Theory and Techniques of the musical production in the Average to the University; but mainly my artistic life and my choices always have been influenced in decisive way from two tendencies: one operating in the musical technical sphere the other in the spiritual field.

The Chinese philosophers saw in the truth,la which last essence called Tao, a process of flow and continuous change, dynamic. All the developments in nature from that physicist to those psychological and social ones.

They manifest cyclical models; what better of music can express this movement, ollowing itself of one melodica line with sounds and silenzi, alternating itself of the tonalities that as colors in a picture are transformed through dynamics, the stamp of the instruments and their frequencies.

The Chinese medicine knew the vibratorie correspondences note-organs, and the correspondence between the characterial dominant of the man tied to an organ (psicotipi).



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