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Giulio Stracciati AFTERSTART

The studio

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Giulio Stracciati guitar

Piero Borri drums
Franco Santarnecchi hammond
1) Freva

2) After Start

3) Gain Hush

4) Minimum Fast

5) Coriandolando

6) Easyrisy

7) Corsa nel Grano

8) Anni Settanta

9) Bag's Groove

"Italian" jazz does exist, music whose melodic matrix is traceable to some memorable peninsular song lines. This is what the guitarist Giulio Stracciati wishes to demonstrate with his After Start. In fact, that which happens after the "start" is a solar circumnavigation in mediterranean waters where, at each mooring, pieces are added to a lusciously suggestive sound track ,evoking musical memories, domestic interiority, twisted into the possible tormentations or demystifying glances that only jazz permits. A journey, therefore, into a genetical- musical patrimony, contaminated by contemporary globalization and therefore posessing the expressive slang of a half-breed.

Stracciati's original compositions (except Milt Jackon's Bag's Groove) are a hybrid research, a "musical con-fusion" within which the diverse contributions (themes,variations,sound color, rhythm) are always distinguishable. The trio formation (guitar, Hammond organ, drums) serves this successful intention for clarity.

Stracciati's original compositions excep Bag's Groove (Milt Jackson)

Recorded and mixed at Studio Le Carrozze, Siena, Italy October 2000.
Recording and mixing engineer: Vincenzo Vanni, Francesco Oliveto
Produced : Le Carrozze Records
Design, graphic and photos: Studio Santucci, Siena, Italy - santucci@unisi.it

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