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Siena Jazz Big Band GOP

The studio

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Siena Jazz Big Band:


Maurizio Pasqui
Bruno Bocci
Massimo Muratori
Fabrizio Cappelli
Pierangelo Nesci
Massimiliano Santella
Gabriele Salvatore
Cristian Tognalini
Daniele Fusi
Gianluca Perugini alto sax, clarinet
Patrizia Cresti alto sax
Andrea Belleschi alto sax
Massimo Guerri tenor sax, clarinet, soprano sax
Fabio Carboncini tenor sax
Paolo Galluzzi tenor sax
Stefano Fabbri baritono sax
rhythm section:
Francesco Giannini guitar
Daniele Parri piano
Stefano Taddec bass, electric bass
Massimo Cantini drums
Duccio Venturini drums
Maria Laura Bigliazzi voice
    • 1.The Mooche (Ellington-Mills)
    • 2.Stompy Jones (Duke Ellington)
    • 3.Big City Blues (Duke Ellington)
    • 4.Swingin' the Blues (Count Basie)
    • 5.A Tisket, a Tasket (Feldman-Fitzgerald)
    • 6.Dusk (Duke Ellington)
    • 7.Tickle Toe (Lester Young)
    • 8.All Too Soon (Ellington-Sigman)
    • 9.Perdido (Juan Tizol)
    • 10.Tonight I Shall Sleep With a Smile on my Face (D. Ellingtcn-M. Ellington-I. Gordon)
    • 11.The Sticks (Julian Adderley)
    • 12.Hummin' (Nat Adderley)
    • 13.Jive Samba (Nat Adderley)
    • 14.Work Song (Nat Adderley)
    • 15.Sweet Emma (Nat Adderley )
    • 16.Walk Tall (Zawinul-Marrow-Rein)
    • 17.I'm On my Way (Nat Adderley Jr.)

It is with real satisfaction witnessing the birth of the first CD of GOP.Questa orchestra, born without any particular expectations, so much for "ringing" a po' of local musicians, now has become TTN inomento important and qualified group of our . Klaus Lessmann, without whose tenacity and professionalism this Big Band would not be able to exist, has managed to form a truly knit group of musicians in four years of study and weekly tests have matched the compactness and the typical sounds that make a great staff a real Big Band and only professionals know what is difficult and important question to achieve a goal for training genere.Siena Jazz can be proud of having a Big Band able to represent it, but even more proud must be musicians by participating in a musical experience and of human kind. Now Siena Jazz should go a step further by organizing a programmazioneconcertistica targeted, which leggitimi and enhance the existence of a similar experience.
Franco Caroni

Fondazione Siena Jazz

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