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Battista Lena MILLE CORDE

The studio

Paolo Fresu tromba e flicorno
Gabriele Mirabassi clarinetto e clarinetto basso
Gianni Coscia fisarmonica
Battista Lena chitarre
Enzo Pietropaoli contrabbasso
Marcello Di Leonardo percussioni
Orchestra a Plettro Senese
diretta da Giuseppe Baldesi
Recorded at Siena in the Sala degli Specchi at l'Accademia dei Rozzi from Vincenzo Vanni et Francesco Oliveto
I bumped Orchestra Plectrum Senese. In case delegates the tedious tasks when they are undecided on the path to take, and if appearance signals. The orchestras are cousins to pick a po'sofisticate and snobbish Bands (and younger sister of String Orchestra without the formidable technical difficulties of this type of instruments).
This amateur orchestra, "circle" Mandolin "as they used to say, maybe I could play again, I tend to me a little 'to the hermitage to work with 40 musicians is one of the few occasions that I have for sentrmi a social and democratic. I have even the illusion of doing something useful!
Since I am not very interested in running perfect (Tonino Miscenà gets very upset), I like the amateur orchestra where the music takes shape slowly, test after test week after week, where the 'error' that is, the small inaccuracies, Indecision becomes a value added rhythm to the music.
The relationship with our tradition, popular and intelligent, I think it is very important. However, the tradition on the one hand gives you the strength as in Stars Wars but on the other. if you look back too often, becomes Kryptonite: paralyzing. Just feel this to stick your finger in the eye.
So: if, imperfection, tradition, fingers in the eye and Jazz for racing on a highway that in some cities will bring.
With a little 'pizza of course.
Battista Lena

Fondazione Siena Jazz

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