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RAGA: moments of introspection
"When you hear seems to be transported to a world apart, but between people who listen, only those who are of that nature can live completely sure those notes."
Paul Imperio

All beings and things produce sounds according to their nature and the particular state in which there are: "This is because these beings and these things are aggregates of atoms that dance and their movements produce sounds. When the rhythm of the dance changes, it changes the sound ... Each atom perpetually sings its song and every time the sound creates a short version or undefined. But it sounds like there are creative, there are sounds destructive, and he who is able to produce both can, if desired, create or destroy .... ". (Words of a "Master of Sound")

I love the sound
me lead
absent in him,
sound that is a mystery,
Bridge to Heaven
sound that is color,
Raga is "what color the spirit."
What I want is to be listening. Simply listening to sounds that flow from the ocean of the soul, free flowing, not premeditated. With this work I propose a listening, listening to sounds that flow in a continuous, peaceful evolution.
Convulsive moments alternate with quiet moments, in which the best known are continuing at a distance, as the first drops of rain from a storm that promises. Ways and means more children take turns as the alternation of sun and clouds, day and night, light-heartedness and mystical-philosophical introspection.
The sound of tampura address is hypnotic and tends to internalize the listener and invites him to find the center of himself. The mind is fixed on the sound, leaving her for a few moments the incessant wandering.
Everything slows down. The breath, the movements, steps.
And 'all the slowness and an invitation to silence, stillness.
An invitation to merge with the sound, which calms and enhances perceptions.

I close my eyes, I drifted to the sound, which is meditation and takes me out of myself. While listening to the sounds that you breath slowly and deeply. Rediscover the slow movements, becoming aware of every gesture.
Invite others to listen, to get involved by sound, vibration to indulge in this sweet and reassuring.


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