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Mariano Di Nunzio BARRACINA

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Mariano Di Nunzio trio


Mariano Di Nunzio trumpet and flugelhorn

Massimo de Stephanis bass

Daniele Fusi drums and percussion

1) Porta del giorno (Introduzione, preludio, Sarabanda, Gagliarda e Jazz)

2) Drums

Suite Hoplà
3) Corale (Andante)
4) Polka (Allegro)
5) Swing Napoletano (Swing)
6) Barracina (Funk)

Suite La Tammurriata del trio
7) La Cantata
8) Tammurriata in 7/8

9) Via Pacinotti n°25

Music composed and arranged by Mariano Di Nunzio
Except "Porta del giorno" by M. Di Nunzio -Luca Losi

Recorded and mixed at Studio Le Carrozze, Siena, Italy December 2000.
Recording and mixing engineers: Vincenzo Vanni, Francesco Oliveto
Produced: Le Carrozze Records
Design, graphic: Sandra Barbagli

Barracina - da Barra, the densely populated district of Naples - collect some original music of jazz Mariano di Nunzio. A special tribute to the tradition and culture expressed through music Neapolitan opera which is the syncretism, memories, valuable shards of sound materials. The songs are in fact divided into three suites reminiscent of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in which converge a variety of styles ranging from traditional Neapolitan folk and cultured, and the forms of modern jazz and contemporary.
It happens, so that the "Tammuriata (drums), giustappunto a Tammuriata, they become" drums "and that the time of a ternary or vigorous 2 / 4 of a polka, as well as some recognition of the same melodic quotations Neapolitan tradition, going to dissolve into swing, funk, or, more frequently, in dried form rhythmic fragmentary melos in a more timely than ever jazz and avant-garde.
The training trio (trumpet / flugelhorn, bass and drums) does not, in its essence, frills or special effects, but makes it fully intelligible inventions and intentions: revisit, that is, in a jazz style, in a less rhetorical possible, a musical universe (and not just music) that precisely in the encounter and merging of different cultures has created its own history.

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